Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Air duct cleaning is an important step, and one that is significantly costly as well. Getting your air ducts cleaned frequently is a rite of passage for many people but how often do you need to get your air ducts cleaned?

Contrary to popular opinion, air ducts only need to be cleaned once every two years. There are many things that go into the cost of getting an air duct cleaned, and I will be covering those topics in detail in this article.

1.  The Size Of Your Home

The bigger your home is, the more it is going to cost for getting your air ducts cleaned. Naturally, a smaller home will have a smaller area for cleaning and therefore getting the air ducts cleaned for a small house will cost considerably less than getting air ducts cleaned for a large house.

If you own a big house, then you will have to invest more in getting your air ducts cleaned. A good rule of thumb is to search for duct cleaners near your home for and get their quotes or estimates on the amount it will take to get your air ducts cleaned.

2.  The Area You Live In

For any service or goods around the world, market forces play a crucial role in determining the price of any product. If you live in a posh area, the price will be higher than if you live in an average neighbourhood.

If your air duct cleaner lives far away from your place, he will also be adding travel expenses in his cost estimate, which will bring prices up. Therefore it is always a good idea to get your air ducts cleaned by a service provider that lives nearby.

3.  The Condition Of The Ducts

The dirtier your ducts are, the more it is going to cost to get them cleaned. If there has recently been a rat problem in your home, then there might be a chance that there are rats in your air ducts. Not only is this hazardous to health because it can aid in the spread and promotion of viruses and disease, but it is also expensive to get it cleaned.

If your ducts are damaged, then the repair will also be one of the factors that will drive up the cost. Damaged ducts or ducts with improper insulation can end up doing more harm than good because getting them fixed costs more.

If your house has a leakage problem, then it is best to get that fixed before you get your ducts repaired to prevent further damage and a new unnecessary hike in cost.

4.  The Experience Of The Duct Cleaners

While looking for a duct cleaner, you will come across many duct cleaners that will offer to do the job for you at a ridiculously low price. More often than not, these duct cleaners don’t have the proper equipment and safety procedures in place to perform a good enough job.

These cleaners also have a reputation for not doing the job well enough, and this can cause you quite a lot more than the initial cost. These duct cleaners also do not include specific components in their cost estimates which can end up in causing the end price to be similar to the amount you would have paid if you hired professional duct cleaners.

Getting your ducts cleaned by trained professionals that are licensed and insured is always a good decision. These professionals provide realistic cost estimates and are also skilled in what they do. They can effectively insulate and seal the vents with proper equipment so that dust doesn’t leak from the corners.

Skilled professionals are insured, and since they are often working with heavy equipment, it is better to work with contractors that are protected so that in case of an accident you are not held in charge of any liability that may arise.

These professionals also take precautions into ensuring that your furniture doesn’t get damaged during the cleaning process, and they also are safe to work with. It is better to let a professional backed by an agency into your home than letting in someone you don’t know.

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