Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

A global pandemic has gripped the world, and it is during these times that it has become essential for everyone to practice the highest possible amount of hygiene. Finding helping staff has also become difficult during these times, and many businesses have shut down in light of the current situation.

Research has shown that the covid-19 virus is airborne and can be transmitted via air as well. Therefore it is essential to purify the air around you too by getting your air ducts cleaned. There are a lot of air duct cleaning service providers. Still, it is naturally difficult to find air duct service providers that follow the proper hygiene practices and take the necessary safety precautions.

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Air duct cleaning involves the use of heavy equipment and trained professionals. It is not something that anyone can do at home. Most air duct cleaners are licensed and insured, and ideally, when you’re looking for an air duct cleaner, you should check whether or not he has the qualifications and the licensing for the job.

An ideal air duct cleaner would be one that lives near you and also one that has the relevant licenses and qualifications to be able to do the job. An unlicensed cleaner without insurance might be affordable, but there is a high chance that he will end up doing more harm than good. And there is always the risk that you might face a lawsuit if the cleaner gets injured on the job.
Air duct cleaning near me

With insured duct cleaners, there are no risks of lawsuits because the insurance company bears the cost of damages.

For regularly scheduled duct cleaning duct cleaners will first visit your place and carry out an inspection after which they will give you a cost estimate. The cost estimate includes the breakdown of all the services required and will also cover repair costs; at this point, you can check and choose the work you want to get done on your air ducts.

Most cleaners use imaging devices and high powered vacuums to remove all the dust and dirt from your air ducts. Duct cleaners will cut off your air ducts from specific points throughout the house and attach vacuums to both ends; the spaces are high powered and will be able to take in most of the dirt and grime.

After this, the duct cleaners will use imaging devices to check whether or not the ducts have been cleaned properly. If there is still any existence of dirt, bacteria or mould, then the cleaners will try to clean it again by using chemicals or by using tools to dislodge the mould.

Once all of this is done then, the duct cleaners will reseal the area properly making sure that no dust can escape from the sides and move on to another region of the house.

duct company near me

Professional duct cleaners will also make provisions and take safety precautions to ensure that your furnishing is not damaged in the process. Unprofessional duct cleaners might end up not being able to reseal the ducts properly, and they might end up damaging your furnishings as well, which will end up doing more harm than good.

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

If you’re looking for the right air duct service provider near you, then you should try our services. We take all the necessary precautions to make sure that there are minimal chances for the transmission and spread of the COVID-19 on our account.

Our staff is adequately briefed on the safety precautions they need to take while working on site. For us, the safety of our clients and our crew is essential, and we provide our team with proper protective gear and sanitizing equipment to ensure that they can do their job without risking their lives to this virus.

We at pacific air USA aim to serve you in times of this global crisis and even have launched discounts to facilitate our clients. We try our level best to sanitize everything and take the necessary safety precautions to make sure that we do not transfer the virus or become a medium for its spread.

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