Should Air Duct Cleaning Be Scheduled On a Regular Basis?

Air duct cleaning should be done on a routine basis. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends it every three to five years. While air ducts don’t need the annual maintenance ACs and furnaces do, contamination can affect your entire cooling and heating system. The dust and dirt you see at home may not be limited to visible surfaces. A professional air duct cleaning can eliminate contaminants to protect your health and HVAC system.

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

You can remove and clean grills and covers and brush or vacuum inside vents close to them, but you can’t reach every part of your duct system. Your ductwork runs throughout your home, and much of it is in remote areas. A licensed HVAC professional can use various methods and equipment, including high-power vacuums, to perform duct cleaning. 

They may also treat duct surfaces to eliminate and prevent mold and bacterial growth. If your HVAC contractor doesn’t specify the product they’re using, ask what it is. The treatment should be a non-toxic, eco-friendly compound for a specific purpose. A type of sealant can also be sprayed into the duct system to coat and encapsulate surfaces, so fibers and other materials don’t escape and circulate in the air.

However, the primary steps an air duct cleaning service provider follows include:

  • Access Ductwork: The contractor opens panels and access ports to inspect and clean the entire system.
  • Check Ducts from the Outside: Air ducts are inspected on the outside for holes, rust, and other damage.
  • Evaluate the Interior of Ductwork: A borescope is used to inspect long ducts; a camera transmits images to a screen.
  • Vacuum Air Ducts: Depending on the duct system and how dirty it is, the technician can use a vacuum system that exhausts materials outside your home or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum equipment.
  • Brush Duct Surfaces Clean: Specialized brushes help dislodge and remove stubborn dust, particles, and other materials. If a duct is made of fiberglass or a metal duct is lined with fiberglass, soft-bristled brushes are used.

Throughout the process, carpeting, furniture, and household items are covered and protected. The contractor also seals and re-insulates any access holes they have made, so your newly cleaned ducts are airtight. In addition to air duct cleaning, they should also clean the return and supply air plenum, drain pan, coils, fans, registers, grills, and diffusers.

When Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Some specialists say to have air ducts professionally cleaned every year or two. The NADCA says you can go up to five years between cleanings. Meanwhile, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stresses there are many sources of indoor air pollution. Cleaning, cooking, and movement around your home can release dust and particulates. Duct cleaning hasn’t been proven to eliminate dust and pollution and the health problems they can be associated with.

The EPA recommends air duct cleaning on an as-needed basis (we’ll soon discuss the signs you should consider scheduling service). It also urges the maintenance of fuel-burning appliances to limit indoor pollution and hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, duct cleaning alone doesn’t improve HVAC efficiency, especially if heating equipment isn’t maintained and AC coils and fans aren’t cleaned.

Primary Benefits of Cleaning Your Ductwork

Although it’s not the only way to maintain your HVAC system, air duct cleaning can have substantial benefits, including:

  • Indoor Air Quality Improvements: You spend most of your time indoors, where there are many sources of pollution. Cooking, smoking, and even cleaning (many household cleaning products have potentially harmful chemicals) contribute to indoor air quality issues. Pollutants from inside and outside can make their way into ductwork and circulate, the effects of which are most noticeable to people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.
  • Prevent HVAC Repairs and Early Replacement: Dirty air ducts and HVAC components can force the system to work harder, accelerating wear and tear. Therefore, it may require frequent repairs and its lifespan may be reduced, costing you more than if you schedule routine maintenance and duct cleanings. 
  • Save Money on Your Energy Bills: A lack of maintenance reduces energy efficiency. Dusty, dirty air ducts can cause your air conditioning system to run longer. Before this leads to a major repair, utility bills increase steadily, so you pay more for electricity each month, even if your utility company hasn’t increased rates. 

How Do I Know I Need an Air Duct Cleaning Service?

No official guidelines exist for determining when to have your ductwork cleaned. The best time to schedule service is in the spring or early fall. While the three- to five-year principle is fine in most cases, you should consider getting your air ducts cleaned more often if:

  • Your home was recently renovated
  • There’s nearby construction
  • You live in a high-traffic area

However, there are a few signs you should schedule a professional air duct cleaning as soon as possible. These include:

  • Excessive Dust: If air vents are covered in dust or debris, chances are the ducts are, too. Particles that don’t stick to duct walls when the system is on can blow throughout your home and recirculate in your HVAC system and rooms.
  • Mold Growth: Like dust, mold near vents or ducts can easily spread deep into the system. Mold thrives in dark, damp areas. Inefficient ducts are an ideal location where it can grow unchecked, while mold can release spores and toxins that spread throughout your home.
  • Infested Ducts: If you see, hear, or smell rodents or insects in your ductwork, call a professional. Pests will continue to proliferate if they remain undisturbed. Rodents are especially known for their ability to cause damage and may leave behind waste that spreads disease-causing germs.
  • Allergies Are Worse At Home: Seasonal allergies are common. But if your allergies are worse when you’re indoors than when you go outside, the reason may be in your air ducts. Call a professional to evaluate your ductwork and perform a thorough air duct cleaning if necessary. It can help alleviate your allergy symptoms.
  • You Have Pets: Pet hair and dander tend to go all over the place, including air ducts. More frequent duct cleaning can reduce the amount of pet dander. It can also reduce associated allergy symptoms and contribute to improved indoor air quality.
  • You Don’t Know When the Ducts Were Last Cleaned: If you can’t remember when you last had an air duct cleaning, chances are it’s been several years. Call a professional if this is the case or you’re moving into a new home, especially if the previous owners aren’t sure if or when the ductwork was cleaned.

Can I Prevent Contamination In Between Duct Cleanings?

Preventative maintenance doesn’t eliminate the need for duct cleaning, but it can minimize contamination. The following tips can prevent your ductwork from becoming contaminated:

  • Change your air filter every one to three months
  • Use the highest-efficiency filter your AC manufacturer recommends
  • Replace an air filter whenever it becomes clogged
  • Seal any gaps around the filter holder
  • Dust and vacuum your home regularly
  • Make sure a maintenance technician cleans the coils and drain pan
  • Seal off supply and return registers during a construction or renovation project
  • Do not operate your HVAC system until contractors clean up all the dust

It’s also important to keep moisture out of ducts. It can cause mold and HVAC performance issues. To prevent moisture problems, promptly repair leaks or water damage, ensure the condensate drain pan and drain line are clear, and properly seal and insulate ducts.

Are Certain Duct Materials More Prone to Contamination?

Air ducts can become contaminated whether they contain bare sheet metal or insulation materials such as fiberglass. However, bare metal is easier to treat with an EPA-registered biocide if there’s microbial growth. It’s important to keep ducts clean and dry. Insulating materials are common because they can help improve temperature control, conserve energy, and reduce condensation. They also provide noise control and meet various building materials and fire protection standards.

Is Duct Cleaning a Good Way to Protect My Family’s Health?

Some materials that contaminate ducts can pose health risks. This doesn’t mean a light amount of dust in your duct system is going to get everyone sick. It’s not known what the threshold is for how much contamination is bad. Periodic duct cleaning can help, but you should also stay on schedule with yearly HVAC maintenance tasks such as system inspections and cleaning coils, drain pans, and filters.

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Based on 2024 data by Angi, the average air duct cleaning cost is $380. However, the service can range from $150 to $795 depending on the size of your home, type of ducts, number of vents, accessibility, how contaminated the system is, and labor. Mold remediation, pest removal, duct sealing, and other services cost extra.

Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning with Trio Heating & Air

We provide a range of indoor air quality services in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our licensed professionals provide thorough inspections and can employ various techniques to ensure your air ducts are clean. They also install different types and brands of whole-house air purifiers. To learn more or consult with our team about whether it’s time for an air duct cleaning in your home, call (415) 234-4728 today.

12 Reasons to Consider AC Duct Replacement

Even if you’re proactive with HVAC maintenance, ductwork may be the last thing you think about. That’s not how it should be; air ducts have a major impact on system performance and efficiency. While AC duct maintenance, such as duct cleaning, can improve these (and indoor air quality), there are many reasons to consider AC duct replacement. It’s not the cheapest home improvement project or the most fun, but it can resolve many issues.

The reasons you should consult with an HVAC contractor regarding duct replacement include:

1. Old Ductwork

Properly installed and cared-for air ducts should last 10 to 15 years. Over time, the seals, joints, and seams in your ductwork can deteriorate, reducing HVAC system performance and increasing energy usage. Some duct systems start to deteriorate sooner. The only way to address age-related issues is to invest in AC duct replacement

2. Indoor Air Quality Concerns

If there are gaps and holes in ducts, dust, allergens, mold, and other contaminants can fill the air you breathe. The effects can include increased allergies and asthma symptoms when you’re at home. Changing the air filter can provide relief; if it doesn’t, consider replacing ductwork to improve your indoor air quality.

3. High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are rising, and you haven’t used your HVAC system more (or have cut back to conserve and save), the reason may be in the air ducts. Leaky ducts let conditioned air escape. Or, ducts may be so dirty air cannot flow properly. Therefore, your AC will work harder to cool your home. A contractor can install new well-sealed ducts, so you save energy.

4. Poor Airflow

Reduced airflow can strain your HVAC system and prevent it from working effectively. This may be due to duct blockages or large air leaks. When air is not circulating in your home correctly or feels stale, it may be time to consider replacing ductwork.

5. Temperature Variations

Are some rooms too hot and others too cold? Leaks, gaps, and disconnections in ductwork can lead to temperature imbalances that never seem to go away. If ducts are in poor shape, they can prevent conditioned air from reaching parts of your home. By replacing air ducts, you can restore the temperature balance.

6. Noisy HVAC System

Air conditioning systems should perform quietly and air shouldn’t make noise as it travels through air ducts. Rattling, vibration noises, and other unusual sounds can mean your ductwork is clogged or damaged. Consult with a professional about repairing or replacing the system.

7. Damaged Ducts

In areas where your ductwork is accessible, look for signs of damage. Call a professional if you see dents, punctures, collapsed ducts, kinked lines, and other signs the system needs to be repaired or replaced. Holes in your ducts mean they’re not distributing air properly and are likely letting in warm air and pollutants.

8. Mold

Mold is a sign of widespread moisture problems and potential damage to your ductwork. Once mold starts growing, it can spread throughout the system and release spores into the air. These can trigger allergies and serious health issues. Professional duct cleaning is often not enough to address the problem.

9. Odors

Foul odors can be a sign of mold in the duct system. Also, holes in ducts can allow smells in from outside or even other parts of your home. If your living space has smoky, chemical, cooking, bathroom, and other smells, the ductwork should be the first place to look.

10. Home Renovation or Remodel

If you’re renovating or remodeling your home, it’s a good time to replace your air ducts. Changes to the floor plan and layout may require moving or reconfiguring them. Plus, including  AC duct replacement with your renovation avoids having to go through another disruptive project later.

11. Pests

Holes in air ducts are easy entryways for bugs and rodents. Pests can infest your home through ductwork and cause blockages in air ducts and HVAC units. They can also bring bacteria and disease-causing pathogens with them. The problem can often be solved with AC duct maintenance, but seriously damaged ductwork must be replaced.

12. Poor Design and Installation

Ductwork can be designed and installed in many ways. If it’s not configured and installed the way it should be for your home, your AC system won’t work efficiently. Replacing the duct system is the only way to eliminate hot and cold spots, efficiency problems, and indoor air quality issues related to poorly installed ducts.

Contact Trio Heating & Air for AC Duct Maintenance or Replacement

Our experienced HVAC professionals know how to maintain and replace ductwork. Homeowners in The Greater San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas rely on us for high-quality duct cleaning, sealing, and repair. We can also determine the best time to consider AC duct replacement. To schedule a consultation, book service online or call (415) 223-5615 today.

Heating And Cooling Systems

What Are Heating and Cooling Systems?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ( HVAC) systems are designed to meet the environmental comfort of people in their homes, offices, industrial complexes, etc.

HVAC systems are widely used in different types of buildings, such as industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional buildings.

An efficient HVAC system aims to provide thermal control and indoor comfort based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

Depending on the outside air, the outdoor air is sucked into the buildings and either heated or cooled before it is circulated to the occupied places. And then it is exhausted to the ambient air or reused in the heating and cooling system.

People who live in a hot or cold environment may require a single-stage system that aims to produce just heating or cooling. They seem to be inexpensive, but they are also rather inefficient and will typically work at capacity even when not required.

HVAC systems can also be designed to provide humidity control, and both humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be added as options for heating and cooling systems.

People who live in extremely dry or tropical environments find these additions to the system important. Therefore, some customers prefer the installation of a separate humidifier or dehumidifier systems so that they can manage the humidity of their environment.

On the other hand, zoned systems are built to heat or cool individual parts of your house. This is achieved by designing zone valves and valves within vents and ductwork that selectively obstruct the flow of air.

heating and cooling systems

This is of immense significance for people with larger properties as it prevents the system from heating or cooling areas in the home that are not in use. Hence, it also saves us energy consumption and reduces billing costs.

Local heating and cooling systems are often located within or adjacent to living spaces and represent a single location. These consist of local heating systems, local air-conditioning systems, local ventilation systems, and separate systems.

The central systems have ducted systems built mainly for cooling the space and have the capability of providing multi-zone temperature control through the use of air-louver-control boxes.

This is good for spaces that are used occasionally and can be ‘switched off’ when no one uses space to save on costs.

Trio Heating and Air has a team of efficient electricians and engineers to carefully design the heating and cooling system, depending on the type of property.

We can help you decide which system is right for you and that too at extremely competitive market rates.

So you can rely on us for commercial, residential or industrial HVAC system installation and reparation and you won’t be disappointed. All you need to do is give us a call and we will dispatch our team right away.

Furnace Cleaning Cost

Most people have a strict maintenance schedule that they abide by in order to keep their home clean and keep their property maintained.

However, despite the utmost care, they may ignore to take care of one important thing. And that is the furnace.

If you have got a furnace, it should be part of your regular maintenance. Furnace cleaning is essential all year round, but it is particularly important before the winter.

Although your furnace works to heat your house, it ends up taking on a lot of troublesome particles.

An average furnace is a magnet for dust, dirt, and other microscopic particles and debris. If you don’t keep your furnace clean, you can spread harmful debris around your home.

This can cause a number of health issues. You may find yourself more prone to colds and other viruses and germs.

Microscopic residues can easily cause inflammation of the lungs that are already sensitive to the environment. Moreover, dust, dirt, or debris can easily cause asthma or allergy attack.

Unclean furnace generally reduces indoor air quality, and poor indoor air quality can harm you even if you have no allergies or other health problems.

Apart from health problems, neglecting furnace cleaning may have an impact on its performance. If it’s not cleaned properly, you can find that your furnace doesn’t heat your home evenly or as effectively as it did in the past.

Now that you know it is important to clean the furnace, you are probably curious about the best times to clean the furnace.

Unlike other parts of your house, your furnace does not require weekly or monthly cleaning. The best time to clean your furnace is before and after the winter.

To keep your furnace in good working order, it’s necessary to have it cleaned regularly.

furnace cleaning cost

What Is The Approximate Furnace Cleaning Cost?


National average furnace cleaning costs range from $60 to $80, although prices may vary greatly depending on where you live in the country and what your furnace maintenance includes.

Every HVAC company may have different rates for different levels of furnace maintenance.

However, note that residential furnace cleaning costs less than commercial. While you might pay $20 to $40 per vent for residential work, commercial projects come in at least 30% higher and at least $35 to $50 per hour.

Since businesses vary, you will need to get a quote to know exactly how much you will have to pay.

Commercial projects almost always have custom some ductwork. So they typically are much larger and harder to clean than residential ducts.

Therefore, they have much larger furnaces, blowers, and AC units that increases the furnace cleaning costs.

At Trio Heating and Air USA, we offer the best quality service at competitive furnace cleaning costs.

Just give us a call and we will dispatch an expert quality control team to verify that your system is running optimally. We will also explain you the thermostat settings, go over the warranty information with you, and answer any questions you may have.

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Did you know that annually, a home collects almost 40lbs of dust, allergens, and dirt on average? Whenever you turn on the air conditioner in your room, all the sediments of dust particles start circulating across the home, leading to respiratory diseases such as asthma.

These particles of dust get stored in the ventilation system, which blocks the ductwork. Hence, such a build-up in the airways can cause restricted airflow causing the system to work harder and consume more energy.

The ductwork installed in your house is hidden because the air conditioners draw air in from outside to cool, which makes it easier for contaminants to make their way in.

Since the ductwork is not visible, you need to look for these signs to know if the air conditioning duct needs cleaning.

Hints That Indicate Your Air Conditioner System Requires Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning:

air conditioning duct cleaning

  1. Mold in the air conditioner system:

Your air conditioning system needs a good air conditioning duct cleaning and service on a regular basis. In fact, most manufacturers and HVAC service experts advise the scheduling of at least two visits per year.

Both HVAC systems and furnaces can develop condensation. Therefore, mold growth is a possibility, especially if you live in a humid climate.

The mold found on the air conditioner system or furnace does not give guarantee that your ductwork has been affected, but it certainly increases the chances. An air duct cleaning technician will carefully clean your home’s HVAC system and ductwork to eliminate the mold and prevent it from returning.

  1. Your house had a renovation recently

Construction is a messy process, and it spreads a lot of dust and debris even if the constructors are careful about it and do a proper cleaning.

The surfaces might look tidy and clean, but the fine dirt particles always find their way to the air ducts and settle in.

Therefore, it is essential to get air conditioning duct cleaning.

  1. You have a dusty home

If you live in a polluted area, your house will be dusty even if you clean often. If you see the surfaces of furniture in your house covered with dust just after you finished cleaning, then it means you need the ductwork cleaned as well.

  1. You notice the increased heating or cooling bills

The heating and cooling costs are expected to be relatively predictable from year to year. However, if you get an electricity bill that is prominently high, or if you observe at your records and notice that your utility bills are much higher now than they were a year ago, the ductwork of your home might be the cause.

Therefore, get the air conditioning duct cleaning service from Trio Heating and Air USA. We provide the best quality service at affordable rates.

Our team consists of professional experts who clean the ducts and remove all the particles even microscopic. So you can rely on us.

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

A global pandemic has gripped the world, and it is during these times that it has become essential for everyone to practice the highest possible amount of hygiene. Finding helping staff has also become difficult during these times, and many businesses have shut down in light of the current situation.

Research has shown that the covid-19 virus is airborne and can be transmitted via air as well. Therefore it is essential to purify the air around you too by getting your air ducts cleaned. There are a lot of air duct cleaning service providers. Still, it is naturally difficult to find air duct service providers that follow the proper hygiene practices and take the necessary safety precautions.

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Air duct cleaning involves the use of heavy equipment and trained professionals. It is not something that anyone can do at home. Most air duct cleaners are licensed and insured, and ideally, when you’re looking for an air duct cleaner, you should check whether or not he has the qualifications and the licensing for the job.

An ideal air duct cleaner would be one that lives near you and also one that has the relevant licenses and qualifications to be able to do the job. An unlicensed cleaner without insurance might be affordable, but there is a high chance that he will end up doing more harm than good. And there is always the risk that you might face a lawsuit if the cleaner gets injured on the job.
Air duct cleaning near me

With insured duct cleaners, there are no risks of lawsuits because the insurance company bears the cost of damages.

For regularly scheduled duct cleaning duct cleaners will first visit your place and carry out an inspection after which they will give you a cost estimate. The cost estimate includes the breakdown of all the services required and will also cover repair costs; at this point, you can check and choose the work you want to get done on your air ducts.

Most cleaners use imaging devices and high powered vacuums to remove all the dust and dirt from your air ducts. Duct cleaners will cut off your air ducts from specific points throughout the house and attach vacuums to both ends; the spaces are high powered and will be able to take in most of the dirt and grime.

After this, the duct cleaners will use imaging devices to check whether or not the ducts have been cleaned properly. If there is still any existence of dirt, bacteria or mould, then the cleaners will try to clean it again by using chemicals or by using tools to dislodge the mould.

Once all of this is done then, the duct cleaners will reseal the area properly making sure that no dust can escape from the sides and move on to another region of the house.

duct company near me

Professional duct cleaners will also make provisions and take safety precautions to ensure that your furnishing is not damaged in the process. Unprofessional duct cleaners might end up not being able to reseal the ducts properly, and they might end up damaging your furnishings as well, which will end up doing more harm than good.

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

If you’re looking for the right air duct service provider near you, then you should try our services. We take all the necessary precautions to make sure that there are minimal chances for the transmission and spread of the COVID-19 on our account.

Our staff is adequately briefed on the safety precautions they need to take while working on site. For us, the safety of our clients and our crew is essential, and we provide our team with proper protective gear and sanitizing equipment to ensure that they can do their job without risking their lives to this virus.

We at pacific air USA aim to serve you in times of this global crisis and even have launched discounts to facilitate our clients. We try our level best to sanitize everything and take the necessary safety precautions to make sure that we do not transfer the virus or become a medium for its spread.