COVID 19 And Benefits Of Air Purifier

The world has recently been gripped with a new pandemic that is drastically affecting the way we live and radically changing the world as we see it.

The COVID disease is an infectious disease caused by a new virus mutation. This disease majorly affects the respiratory system and has symptoms like cold cough and flu and, in more severe cases, difficulty breathing.

Like all viruses to prevent contracting COVID-19, you need to practice good hygiene and also always keep yourself sanitized in order to avoid contracting the virus.

How Does COVID 19 Spread?

The coronavirus commonly spreads through droplet infection and also by close person to person contact. You can contract the corona virus by being close to an infected person or by touching something that has been in contact with the coronavirus.

The virus is commonly known to be spread via droplet infection, and it stays alive outside the human body for periods up to 8 hours or more. Coughing is one of the main ways this virus transmits. Therefore, airborne transmission of the virus is a significant concern.

The only way to be able to remove airborne virus particles from the air effectively is by circulating the entire volume of air in a room or an enclosed space a couple of times each hour. These measures will reduce the likelihood of the coronavirus being present in the air we breathe.

Why Is An Air Purifier Important?

Investing in an air purifier is vital because we normally breathe the same air in closed spaces throughout the day. An air purifier with a HEPA filter working throughout the day can help in collecting all virus particles.

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Many people have claimed that air purifiers are ineffective in fighting against coronavirus. However, I believe in taking the safe approach and doing all that I possibly can to reduce my likelihood of contracting the virus.

Studies have indicated that the COVID virus can remain affected for periods up to three hours when it is aerosolized into floating particles. Having an active filtering device present at the location will help trap the virus in the filter.

As most of us are aware, most viruses cannot survive for long on their own. They need a living body to be able to replicate and multiply. By trapping the virus microbes in the air purifier, we are ensuring that the virus particles remain stuck on the filter and eventually die on their own.

Many experts have linked dirty air to the spread of coronavirus. In today’s world, it is becoming more and more critical for us to take steps to ensure that the air we breathe is not polluted. Polluted air also brings in a lot of other dirt particles, germs, and viral infections and can cause you to get sick otherwise as well.

Therefore investing in an air purifier, especially at this point, is incredibly vital. Dirty air worsens the health conditions of many individuals and can also play a significant part in bringing down the immunities of a person as well.

Researchers have also been able to develop a PECD antimicrobial coating; this coating will act as a sterilizer that will be able to remove 99.99% of all infectious diseases successfully. This filter was created in Wuhan and has thus helped Wuhan massively gain control over the coronavirus.

Air purifiers might not be able to protect you from the coronavirus. You can pair up air purifiers with all the basic hygiene practices that you are required to follow to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

What Steps Should You Take To Protect Yourself From COVID 19?

  1. Wash your hands frequently and especially after touching a suspected place, before eating and before touching your face. You need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Avoid touching your mouth eyes and nose unnecessarily, and avoid public gatherings or close contact with people.
  3. The most effective way to wash off the virus is by soap and water. If soap and water are not available, then you can use a hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol content.
  4. Disinfect all surfaces in your home that often come into human contact.

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