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Do I Need AC Maintenance During the Winter?

When it’s winter in The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, you probably don’t think about air conditioner maintenance. However, it’s a great time to schedule AC maintenance near you. We’ll explain why you should consider calling your local HVAC contractor for AC service and why they’d probably be happy to help.

If you listen to many HVAC professionals, you’ll hear a lot about the perks of scheduling spring AC maintenance. A spring tune-up ensures your air conditioning system is ready for peak demand during the summer. It also reduces the risk of cooling issues, breakdowns, and an emergency call to an HVAC company. But why wait until the spring? There’s no harm in getting annual maintenance over with in winter.

Here are some of the benefits of booking AC maintenance near The Greater San Francisco Bay Area now:

AC Contractors Have More Flexible Availability

The closer you wait until summer, the busier the company will be. Most people will schedule AC maintenance around the same time, so your options for an appointment date will be limited. If you request maintenance when there are fewer requests, the contractor may be able to send a technician at a more convenient time. This means they can work around your schedule, so there’s less stress involved in getting your AC tuned up.

It Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Scheduling AC maintenance in the winter means you can breathe easier earlier in the season. Even while not in use, the unit may accumulate dust and dirt. These will start circulating as soon as you turn the air conditioner on. 

Whether you’ve changed the air filter recently or not, a technician can find ways to improve indoor air quality and help your AC system run more smoothly. For example, they can talk about and give you time to consider duct cleaning. Or, they can install an air scrubber or whole-house purification system.

You Have Time to Plan AC Replacement

If you have an older AC unit, servicing it long before the cooling season lets a contractor weigh whether it’s worth keeping. Replacing an AC requires many considerations. Purchasing a new one in a rush when the old one fails can result in making poor decisions. To ensure you pick an AC that’s the right type, size, and efficiency for your home (and get it installed in time), you want to be proactive. The HVAC company can also help you weigh alternative options like a heat pump.

Maximize Your Savings on Energy Usage

Having your AC system cleaned, inspected, tuned up, and repaired (if necessary) now means it will run at peak efficiency starting the first day. Therefore, you can maximize your energy savings. Maintenance includes tightening loose parts and connections, lubricating moving parts, and clearing the space around the condenser. A technician can also provide duct cleaning and sealing and check for and address any electrical issues. 

On the other hand, waiting until halfway through summer for a tune-up can mean paying higher energy bills instead of saving money toward a vacation (or at least a good meal at a restaurant). 

Heat Pumps Require Biannual Maintenance

A heat pump provides heating and cooling, so it runs year-round. Therefore, the system requires maintenance in the spring and fall. But there’s no rule saying you can’t get it over with in winter. It can help lower your energy bills starting right away. 

And, if a technician finds any issues, they can fix them so your heat pump won’t break down anytime soon, nor will you be in for a surprise when you switch to cooling mode and realize the reversing valve isn’t working. A contractor can find a stuck or faulty valve and fix or replace it before you need cool air.

Should My AC Be Covered All Winter?

You don’t need to cover your AC for the winter. It’s better not to. The metal casing is not affected by snow or rain. Downsides to covering an AC, as some experts recommend, include moisture retention, mold, and rust. Small animals can also find it easier to nest inside the unit if it’s covered.

If you want to protect your AC with a cover, do so in the fall when leaves, twigs, and debris are more likely to fall on it and get inside. During maintenance, these will be cleared anyway, so there’s no reason to cover the unit for long. If you do, use an air conditioner cover and cover only the top.

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