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The current coronavirus crisis has caused countries around the world to shut down and economies to collapse. This virus has also undergone frequent mutations and has developed deadly strains, some of which even healthy individuals are not able to survive.

There is no certainty about when the situation will improve and when it will be possible for ordinary life to resume. In times like these, the best way we as humans can fight against this virus is by practising good hygiene, washing our hands frequently and also trying our level best to keep our surroundings clean.

hvac duct cleaning

Many people tend to ignore the air filtration system they have installed in their homes. Your HVAC system installed outside the house works day and night trying to keep harmful bacteria particles away, and their filters are also useful in carrying multiple virus strains before they can reach the insides of your homes.

Therefore your HVAC system must keep working in its prime condition throughout its tenure. You can choose to get your entire ducts cleaned along with your HVAC unit or just get your HVAC ducts cleaned.

How Does HVAC Duct Cleaning Happen?

If you want to get your HVAC ducts appropriately cleaned and looking like new, it is best to seek professional cleaning services. Professionals are familiar with all the different HVAC units and are also experts at cleaning the air ducts properly, correctly and in record time—something which people like us are unable to do.

The HVAC duct cleaner will first turn off the power to the system and allow the system to cool down before unscrewing its parts and components. Then the cleaner will extract the covers and grills and detach the filter from the unit if there is any.

The cleaner will now use a brush to clean all the dirt and also use a vacuum to pick up all the dust and bacteria particles. The duct cleaner will also clean all the grills and coils and inspect the system for any signs of wear. This method will help you effectively diagnose problems early on and even before they start.

What Are The Benefits Of HVAC Duct Cleaning?

HVAC duct cleaning and maintenance helps prolong the life of the system. According to estimates, around 9 out of 10 HVAC systems expire before the period of their intended use.  Installation of HVAC systems is not only costly, but it is also expensive; therefore it is best to regularly maintain and monitor the upkeep of your system to ensure that it lives a long and healthy life.

HVAC duct cleaning can help reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%, which means that you can end up recovering the cost of maintaining the system in your electricity bills. Cleaning can also help purify the air that reaches inside and can also particularly help people who suffer from allergies like dust and pollen allergies.

What Measures Is Our Company Taking To Protect Against The Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a life-threatening virus that has ended up endangering the lives of many. We at pacific air USA understand the need for proper care during these testing times and have provided our employees with appropriate safety gear and equipment like suits, masks and gloves to prevent them from catching or transmitting the virus to anyone.

To facilitate our clients in times of this crisis, we are also handing out discounts to make our service more affordable for those who have a financial crisis.

We believe in the safety and protection of our employees and clients and therefore, have been taking all possible measures to ensure that they are safe. We have also conducted employee briefings in which we have instructed our employees on the ways through which they can maintain proper hygiene and practice adequate care while on the job.

Self-isolation and proper hygiene practices are the only ways through which we can combat the virus. No sick employee is allowed to work and is sent back home. In these testing times, we as a company stand to support our clients and also are working towards maintaining a source of livelihood for our workers.

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