Chimney Cleaning


Chimney Cleaning:

All over the U.S. millions of home owners use their fireplaces to heat their homes during winter months. Unfortunately, every year thousands of home owners spend millions of dollars in property damages from filing to recognizing the importance of their chimney cleaning.

Leading sources state that there are over 60,000 house fires annually causing more than $1.2B in property damage and over 2,000 injuries.

Keep your family & home Safe

Nothing is more important than keeping your family and home safe while using your fireplace during the cold winter months. Your chimney is essentially a vent that allows smoke and dangerous fumes to leave your home. A clean chimney means a safer and more efficient fire place. A certain amount of residue from soot and creosote sticks to the flue inside the chimney each time you fire it up. When the creosote builds up, the heat and burning embers from the fire often can be the starting cause of a fire. Also your fireplace efficiency decreases with the buildup of more creosote in the chimney.

Avoid Costly Chimney Repairs

A fireplace working on burning-wood can surpass temperatures of 1,000°F. This creates soot, ash and bits of wood, these particles are the by-products of the buildup process that can cover the smoke shelf, mansory & damper with grime, dirt and contaminants. Our highly trained technicians will help you reduce your wear & tear on these components so that you can avoid expensive chimney repairs or in some cases replacing the completely. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Keep your family and home safe with a pro chimney cleaning.

Furnace cleaning


Regular furnace tune-up services can help keep your heating system running efficiently. Of course, it’s important to work with a professional heating maintenance company that will supply you with reliable, safe, and effective services.

At Trio, our reputable heating maintenance services in San Jose, CA, are designed to keep your home comfortable through the year’s colder months. Our experienced technicians will go above and beyond to ensure your furnace operates at peak performance and safety.

We specialize in electric, oil, and gas furnace maintenance services to meet every demand. We understand the importance of keeping your furnace in top condition, so we utilize leading equipment and knowledge to achieve the best results.

Have you been looking for a furnace maintenance company you can count on? Contact us today! We’re proud to serve our local communities, including Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in CA.


Your furnace is a veritable workhorse, working hard to heat your home when outdoor temperatures drop. However, because your furnace constantly exerts itself, it can sustain regular wear and tear over the years. Fortunately, a furnace tune-up service can help identify and address any problems with your heating system.

We never cut corners when performing our heating maintenance services in San Jose, CA. Our technicians take every measure to keep your furnace running as efficiently and safely as possible.

Whether you need gas, oil, or electric furnace maintenance, you can rest assured that your system will be well cared for. Our furnace inspections are thorough in making sure that no problem goes unnoticed.


When it comes to heating system maintenance, don’t leave the job in the hands of a novice. Instead, turn to a certified team to get your furnace cleaning done right. You can count on us to spot issues before they become major repairs. Plus, our comprehensive services can help your heating system last longer, reducing repair and replacement costs.

Do you have questions about our heating maintenance services in San Jose, CA? We’re happy to walk you through the inspection process and address any concerns you may have. One of our main goals is to educate customers about our services. This way, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best, cost-effective solutions around.


As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to schedule a heater tune-up at least once a year. When it comes to scheduling a furnace inspection, you should check with your heating system manufacturer for their specific maintenance recommendations.

Filter replacement


Most HVAC systems have a filter that’s located in the return vent. Although this filter is hidden far out of sight, it’s crucial to replace it regularly, as this will ensure that your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly.

Believe it or not, a dirty, poorly-maintained air filter can lead to various problems for your HVAC systems and poor indoor air quality. Fortunately, this is where Pacific Air comes in. We offer home air filter replacements to help ensure that your equipment is running in peak condition. We specialize in electrostatic air filters, as they’re reusable, cost-effective, and easy to care for.

If you’re ready to get started with an air duct filter replacement in San Jose, CA, or the surrounding areas, contact us today! We’re proud to provide top-quality air filter installations for homes in Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, CA, and beyond.


If you want to ensure that your home’s indoor air remains clean and fresh, an air duct filter replacement in San Jose, CA, is a great place to start. Replacing dirty air filters helps reduce airborne allergies that can cause health issues for your family.

Our professional technicians have the knowledge needed to perform home air filter replacements. We know that every home is different, so we’ll apply a customized approach to your installation. We’ll help you find the best type of filter for your individual needs.


How often you replace your HVAC system’s air filter can depend on your filter type. For example, if you use a disposable filter, you’ll want to consider scheduling a duct filter replacement every three to six months. The thicker the filter, the longer you can go without replacing it.

You’ll also want to consider your home’s heating and cooling needs. For example, if you heavily rely on your heating and air conditioning systems to keep you comfortable, you should replace the air filter more frequently. This way, you can prevent dust and debris from completely clogging the filter.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time for an air duct filter replacement in San Jose, CA, call us. Our professional technicians are happy to educate you on all aspects of your heating and cooling systems so that you can make smart, cost-effective decisions that benefit your comfort.


It might sound complicated, but the science behind electrostatic air filters is simple. Electrostatic filters work like magnets in that they utilize an electrostatic charge to draw dust and debris particles toward them.

Electrostatic filters can be washed and reused, which means they’re convenient and easy to clean. If you’re ready for an air duct filter replacement in San Jose, CA, we can provide you with an electrostatic alternative to your current filter. Our filter replacement services can help you enjoy cleaner air, lower energy bills, and an HVAC system that works more efficiently.

Whole House Purification System 

Revolutionizing Air Quality: San Jose's Premier Air Purification Solution

Leading the Charge: Advanced Air Purification in San Jose, CA

At Trio Heating & Air, our team of professionals can help ensure that your family breathes clean, healthy air. From air purifier installations to thorough inspections, we provide fast, reliable solutions to keep your indoor environment as safe as can be.

At the forefront of indoor air enhancement is Trio Heating & Air. Our seasoned specialists offer a comprehensive suite of services geared towards transforming the air you breathe at home. Combining swift service with unerring expertise, we set the standard for air purification in San Jose, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties.

A Legacy of Superior Indoor Air Solutions

With an enviable track record in the realm of filtration technology, Trio Heating & Air remains the preferred choice for households seeking nothing less than the pinnacle of air quality. For those contending with respiratory challenges such as asthma or allergies, our commitment to utilizing the cream of industry-grade equipment is not merely a preference – it's a necessity.

Why Settle for Less? Experience Our Premier Air Purification Today

Efficient Whole-Home Air Purification Systems

Since our inception, our primary mission has been clear - to provide the households of San Jose with unparalleled air purity. Our curated range of innovative products, including cutting-edge air purifiers, is engineered to mitigate the influence of detrimental airborne impurities effectively. Irrespective of your home's expanse, our offerings are tailored to fulfill its unique air purification needs.

Crafting the Perfect Indoor Atmosphere

When it's about the air you breathe, compromise isn't an option. Our multi-faceted approach, backed by sterling solutions and unmatched expertise, ensures your indoor environment is nothing short of pristine. Drawing upon their wealth of knowledge, our technicians seamlessly adapt our filtration methodologies to perfectly harmonize with your home's distinct demands.

Empowered with the finest tools and training, our team's pledge is simple: combat air pollution with unmatched fervor, ensuring your days are filled with fresh breaths and tranquil nights.

Precise IAQ Assessments for Uncompromised Safety

The invisible airborne adversaries within your home may be elusive, but with our rigorous inspection procedures, they've nowhere to hide. Our meticulous air quality assessments, aimed at identifying potential threats, promise you an abode free from harmful air contaminants.

Armed with insights from our in-depth evaluations, we curate bespoke solutions designed to address specific air quality challenges, demystifying the myriad benefits of holistic air purification systems for you.

The Unparalleled Advantages of Pristine Indoor Air

The detrimental effects of compromised indoor air are undeniable. However, with an elite air purification system in place, a host of benefits await:

  • Efficient containment of bacteria, curbing the proliferation of airborne pathogens.
  • Effective filtration of dust, pet allergens, and harmful volatile organic compounds.
  • Neutralization of smoke, mold spores, and eradication of stubborn odors.
  • Proactive prevention against dust mites and other air contaminants.

Undoubtedly, an advanced air purification mechanism is the cornerstone of stellar indoor air quality, offering immediate benefits, particularly for individuals with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions.

Elevate Your Indoor Experience with Trio Heating & Air

While the pollutants in your air might remain unseen, their effects are palpable. But fear not, for with Trio Heating & Air by your side, every breath is a testament to purity. Our adept team, well-versed in the art of air purification installations, promises unparalleled craftsmanship with every project.

Don't let your well-being be overshadowed by airborne pollutants. From adept air duct cleaning to seamless filter replacements, our specialists are poised to redefine your breathing experience.

Challenge the airborne invaders. Elevate your indoor ambiance. Choose Trio Heating & Air for unmatched air purification services in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, CA. Secure your sanctuary today!


Air Duct Filter Replacement in San Jose, CA

Air Sealing Service

If you are experiencing an unusual high energy bills in your home, you might be wondering what is the causing the issue. Most home owners tend to think towards changing their HVAC system or upgrading it.

According to leading sources in the HVAC field more than %50 of new HVAC systems in the U.S. do not stand up to their rated efficiency as a result of poor installation. Air Leake leads to higher energy bills, poor performance, poor indoor air quality.

The solution to all of these issues is Air Sealing. Air leak from your registers or duct work can cause you to breathe fiberglass, mold, moister, dust & other harmful materials. Air sealing those leakage spots will prevent those particles from getting into your duct system and would improve your air quality, energy bills & comfort in your home.

Signed of Air-Leak:
  • System is having a hard time heating or cooling
  • Higher energy bill
  • Air seems stuffy, moist & uncomfortable
  • Black marks on insulation around duct work
  • Throat scratching as the system is on
  • Hot & cold spots, inconsistent room temperature

A duct work can run through your attic, crawl-space or walls. Having leaks in your air duct system through those areas can cause in bringing in all of the content of the space.

Let’s take a look at a few materials that can be found in an attic, crawl-space or walls:
  • Mold
  • Bugs
  • Moister
  • Insulation: could be fiberglass, cellulose (shredded newspaper)
  • Asbestos(in older homes)
  • Dust
  • Insects
  • Dirt
  • Debris

The solution to Repairing your Leaky air ducts can be very simple = Air Sealing:

Our highly trained technicians at Trio USA will inspect the entire duct system to find the leak spots, and seal them with special HVAC sealant tape if it’s the duct work which is leaking. If the leakage is coming from the boots we will use 300 degrees resistant silicon & HVAC sealant tape.

Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber Installers in San Jose, CA

Are you tired of breathing in polluted air? Do you want to improve the indoor air quality of your home? If yes, then you've come to the right place. At Trio Heating & Air Conditioning, we are expert Air Scrubber installers in San Jose, CA, and the surrounding area. We aim to make every breath you take inside your home as clean and fresh as possible.

Investing in an Air Scrubber for your home is a decision that will benefit your health and comfort. Not only can it help enhance your indoor air quality, but it can also make your home smell better by eliminating odors. Our professional team is committed to helping you breathe cleaner, healthier air. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Air Scrubber installation services. Let us help you make every breath you take inside your home as clean and fresh as possible!

What Is an Air Scrubber?

An Air Scrubber is an advanced filtration system that connects directly to the ductwork of your existing HVAC system. It functions to minimize the presence of harmful contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and other debris in both the air and on surfaces when the HVAC fan is in operation.

Unlike typical air purifiers, Air Scrubbers use a unique technology that scrubs the air and surfaces of your home, removing pollutants, dust, allergens, and odors. This makes them highly effective at improving indoor air quality and making your home a safer place to live.

How Does the Air Scrubber Work and How Does It Improve Air Quality at Home?

The Air Scrubber uses a process that utilizes ultraviolet light and a catalytic process to create oxygen and hydrogen molecules that can purify your air and reduce harmful microbial populations in your home.

As air flows through your HVAC system, it passes through the Air Scrubber, where it's exposed to a UV light. This light triggers a process that produces molecules that can neutralize viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. These molecules then circulate throughout your home, cleaning both the air and surfaces.

By having an Air Scrubber installed directly into your existing ductwork, you can significantly improve the air quality in your home. It will begin working to reduce irritating particles like pet dander, smoke from cooking odors, dust, and other debris that can cause allergy symptoms and other respiratory issues.

Which Contaminants Can the Air Scrubber Remove?

An Air Scrubber is designed to remove a wide range of contaminants from your indoor air. These include:

  • Airborne contaminants: These are particles that float in the air, such as dust and other allergens. They can cause various health issues, especially for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Surface contaminants: These are particles that settle on surfaces around your home, like countertops, furniture, and flooring. They include bacteria, viruses, mold, and other debris.
  • Odors: An Air Scrubber can also help eliminate odors from cooking, pets, and burnt food, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Achieve Optimal Air Purity With Our High-Performing HVAC Filters

At Trio Heating & Air Conditioning, we don't just install Air Scrubbers. We also provide high-performing HVAC filters that can further improve your indoor air quality.

Our HVAC filters work hand-in-hand with your Air Scrubber, trapping and reducing the number of airborne particles that pass through your heating and cooling system. This means less dust, pet dander, and other allergens circulating in your home, leading to cleaner air and fewer allergy symptoms.

Get Rid of Airborne Contaminants With Carbon Air Filters

For those particularly concerned about smoke and odors, our carbon air filters could be the perfect solution. These filters are specially designed to remove these contaminants from your indoor air, leaving it clean and fresh.

Make Clean Air a Priority: Upgrade to an Air Scrubber Today

Living in a home with clean, fresh air doesn't have to be a dream. With our Air Scrubber installation services, it can be your reality. Don't let your family continue to breathe in polluted air. Make the decision to upgrade your existing HVAC system with our top-tier products.

By choosing Trio Heating & Air Conditioning, you're choosing a company that values your health and well-being. Our team of professional Air Scrubber installers in San Jose, CA, is ready to help you improve your indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule your Air Scrubber installation!