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Chimney Cleaning:

All over the U.S. millions of home owners use their fireplaces to heat their homes during winter months. Unfortunately, every year thousands of home owners spend millions of dollars in property damages from filing to recognizing the importance of their chimney cleaning.

Leading sources state that there are over 60,000 house fires annually causing more than $1.2B in property damage and over 2,000 injuries.

Keep your family & home Safe

Nothing is more important than keeping your family and home safe while using your fireplace during the cold winter months. Your chimney is essentially a vent that allows smoke and dangerous fumes to leave your home. A clean chimney means a safer and more efficient fire place. A certain amount of residue from soot and creosote sticks to the flue inside the chimney each time you fire it up. When the creosote builds up, the heat and burning embers from the fire often can be the starting cause of a fire. Also your fireplace efficiency decreases with the buildup of more creosote in the chimney.

Avoid Costly Chimney Repairs

A fireplace working on burning-wood can surpass temperatures of 1,000°F. This creates soot, ash and bits of wood, these particles are the by-products of the buildup process that can cover the smoke shelf, mansory & damper with grime, dirt and contaminants. Our highly trained technicians will help you reduce your wear & tear on these components so that you can avoid expensive chimney repairs or in some cases replacing the completely. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Keep your family and home safe with a pro chimney cleaning.