Overview Of Air Duct Cleaning Working Process In Menlo Park, Ca

If you want to make sure that you have adequately cleaned the duct and you are entirely breathing in fresh and unpolluted air, then you need to have a little knowledge about air duct cleaning process. Figuring out about the working process will let you know about the quality of air getting straight in your lungs. Here we will be explaining some significant steps/procedures that are used in air duct cleaning method.

Inspection before Starting Air Duct Cleaning Process 

Before starting the whole cleaning process, it is essential to perform a little inspection to learn about the background of the duct. This inspection will help you to figure out the total ventilation and duct involved in the whole process. In case if there are any issues in the airflow system, you can figure this out through the process of inspection. You can identify the clogged filter and replace it instantly. This inspection often helps you to detect the mold problem that needs to be solved before you start the air duct cleaning process.

Build Negative Pressure in Air Duct Cleaning

To build negative pressure in your air duct cleaning process, you can effortlessly make the use of vacuum cleaner. It makes the use of some compressed air that is helpful to remove the entire dust, dirt or the debris from the whole system. It is safe enough if you will exhaust the dust particles in the outdoor environment or air. If you are draining it indoor, then you need to make the use of HEPA-filtered vacuum.

Cleaning Ductwork in Air Duct Cleaning

Next important step in air duct cleaning process is about cleaning the ductwork. You need to carefully clean the entire conduits that are running through the whole system. For perfect cleaning, you can use some reliable tools such as cable brushes, or nylon brushes that can work smoothly. When it comes to some fiberglass ducts, you should choose soft brushes with pointed bristles on the top. If your insulated air duct gets moldy or wet, then never use it for further cleaning. You should replace it instantly. For repairing the damaged or broken fiberglass insulation, you can use sealants. You can even use it for tightening the duct air system. You can apply the sealants when you finished with your cleaning task.

Start Cleaning Various Components in Process 

You should ask the provider to clean all other components of the heating and cooling at the end of the process. This involves your plenum, cabinet interior system, cooling coil, coil fins as well as humidifier or combustion chamber. If you are using any asbestos-containing tools or types of equipment, then it just needs to be handled by the expert or professionals. Not handling the equipment’s or tools properly can lead to fire hazard situations.

Inspect The Air Duct Cleaning Process Results 

At the end of the air duct cleaning process, you have to check the whole process results with complete attention. If there is still any presence of dirt or dust in the ducts, you should clean or replace them once again. Make sure all the air vents as well as grilles, and diffusers are connected tightly at their locations. You also need to give a check at the operation post-cleaning in terms of both cooling and heating processes.

Essential Cleaning Equipment Used In Air Duct Cleaning

In the end, we will be explaining a little about the significant types of equipment or tools that are used in air duct cleaning process. For a successful cleaning process, high quality and durable kinds of equipment play an essential role. Some critical tools used in the process are brushes, air houses, vacuum system, filtration system, and cleaning agents. Some of the professional companies often make the use of specialized trucks, or even gas operated vacuums. Such vacuums make the cleaning process even much more comfortable.

Final Verdict

To make the whole air duct cleaning process easy and effortless to perform, it will be better to choose a reliable and specialized professional company or service providers.  They know better how to deal with the whole process by using strong tools and equipment’s in a complete safe and healthy environment.