Why Air Duct Cleaning Is so Important In Palo Alto, Ca?

It’s an interesting fact to note that one single cleaning of your air ducts has the capacity of removing around 6 pounds of dust from every individual home. The air present inside the house is filled with dust or pollen or even pet dander particles. When the air conditioner or the furnace, will be drawing the air, it will also be pulling the airborne particles. With time, it will start to build up inside your ducts and reduce the flow of air. It will begin to re-circulate throughout the whole living area.

As similar to the air conditioners or the furnaces, the air ducts are always in the requirement of proper cleaning and maintenance to perform efficiently. By keeping the ducts free from debris or the dust particles will often help you to reduce the energy bill amount and bring a significant improvement in the air quality of your home.

Introduction About Air Duct Cleaning In Palo Alto, Ca. 

The method of air duct cleaningis all about the process for removing off the debris as well as dust from the air vents in your home. It can also clear other different components within the forced air system functioning. 

Since we know that the ducts are hidden behind the walls or in the ceiling areas, therefore the best method to remove off the duct is by using some high powered machinery. You can even use a heavy truck-mounted vacuum machine or a system of compression. Frequent duct cleaning is needed if you have some pets in your home. You also need to perform duct cleaning process if you have newly renovated the house.

High Importance of Air Duct Cleaning In Palo Alto, Ca. 

There are many home owners who heard about the air duct cleaningprocess necessary but have yet to use it. They anxiously want to know why air duct cleaning is so crucial for your home air quality. 

Let’s figure out some primary reasons:

• Air duct cleaningplays an essential role to maintain the quality of air. The air amount that is passing through the ducts is the same air in which your family is breathing every single day. If it is left unchecked, then the ducts can bring some allergen conditions in the home environment. Although such dust particles are not extremely harmful to your health, they can cause a significant health issue for the people who are suffering from asthma or respiratory problems.

• It is helpful to boost energy efficiency. 

Debris or dust particles usually restrict the flow of air from the HVAC system. At the time when the ducts are entirely clogged, your air condition or the furnace equipment needs to consume a larger amount of energy for performing this task. By keeping the ducts complete clear, it will make you sure that the units will be able to deliver greater efficiency.

• Hence, air duct cleaningis useful for protecting your cooling and heating systems. It more so extends the life duration of your HVAC system.  

Working Process of Air Duct Cleaning In Palo Alto , Ca

Before you choose your air duct cleaning company , you need to know the correct method the specialized tools experts use to get the job done right. 

  1. Step one will be to hook a commercial vac onto the return to put the whole system under negative air pressure. 
  2. You will need to run an air compressor  throughout the duct or brushes. Here at PacificAirUSA we use both. 

This process is done to agitate or even to dislodge the dirt inside the ducts to remove the contaminants before they vacuum out. 

Later on, a eco friendly sanitizer is used in air duct cleaningand is utilized to remove off all the contaminants and dirt. 

FYI: If the whole process of the negative air pressure, agitation and sanitizing is not performed in the right manner, then this would let even more dirt or contamination to make their way inside your home.

Final Verdict

The way your air duct cleaningprocesswill bring fruitful results hugely depend on the quality of equipment you are using. If your equipment is low in quality, then definitely the outcomes of the cleaning method will not be satisfactory. It is so much essential to give your cleaning skills a better growth and polishing terminologies. Make sure you take the help of complete professional and expert in this field.

Here at PacificAirUSA we use Commercial Vacuums by Nikro, Air-Care & Rotobrush to Guarantee Result.