Trio Heating & Air Announces New Fleet of Teslas

At Trio Heating & Air, we’re proudly upgrading our service vehicles to a Tesla fleet. This signifies the principle behind our new slogan: “Trio: Where Sustainability Meets Service Excellence”. Aside from planting a tree for every job we do (which means a great deal for the region), we’re committed to environmental sustainability and high-quality service in every aspect of our work, down to the vehicles our employees drive.

Until now, we have relied on gas-powered vans. Investing in Teslas is allowing us to convert to an eco-friendly all-electric fleet. Safety is another reason for our initiative. The autopilot feature in Tesla cars adds a new level of protection. It’s one of many features that help reduce accidents; therefore, our sales team and service technicians are safer on the job. 

Tesla vehicles are reliable and convenient so our employees can be happy at work, which we know contributes to higher quality service. We also know how much Tesla means in the Bay Area. Here’s a look at the benefits of a Tesla and how it can improve a fleet.

Benefits of Teslas

Driving a Tesla doesn’t only improve safety. It has many other perks that benefit casual drivers and businesses. These benefits include:

  • Impressive Battery Range: Although battery range depends on the Tesla model, driving range is rarely a problem, especially for city driving or commuting. Some Teslas are capable of traveling 320+ miles on a single charge. That means they’re suited for long-distance driving or traveling from site to site during the workday. And, with the battery placed on the bottom of the vehicle, a lower center of gravity prevents the car from rolling over.
  • Save Money on Gas: With high gasoline prices, your budget can be strained by fuel costs alone. On average, a full battery charge costs less than half the price of filling up the tank. Teslas are fully electric so you never have to buy any gasoline. Charging stations can be installed in virtually any home or business, so you start your day with a full charge.
  • A Large Network of Charging Stations: Tesla’s supercharger network consists of over 30,000 stations, where a 15-minute charge can yield a 200-mile range. A full battery charge can sometimes be achieved in an hour and a half or less. The company’s charging stations are known for being dependable and accessible. Therefore, charging an EV battery in the field can be achieved quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to workflow.
  • More Eco-Friendly: Tesla vehicles don’t use traditional fuel. Therefore, they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the burning of fossil fuels. This contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. Our crews can drive around all day and not produce the environmental pollution that traditional cars and trucks do. Tesla has indeed helped Trio’s efforts to be more sustainable.
  • Over-the-Air Updates: With Tesla, you need not worry about outdated features and technology. The cars are built to last. Meanwhile, software updates enable Tesla owners/operators to take advantage of new features and services as they become available. They have allowed users to interact with vehicle cameras and speakers via their cell phones. Some updates have even improved vehicle functionality by, for example, adding engine horsepower or modifying battery or wheel performance.
  • Few Maintenance Requirements: Teslas require hardly any maintenance, which further reduces costs and downtime. They don’t need oil changes, spark plug replacements, or new fuel filters. The regenerative braking system used in Tesla vehicles rarely requires new brake pads. Air and cabin filters need replacement every 2 to 3 years while the AC desiccant bag lasts roughly 6 years.
  • Security Features: Numerous security features are included in Teslas. Eight cameras help improve safety and also help keep your vehicle more secure. Sentry Mode helps protect your car from intruders by detecting signs of trouble and flashing the headlights to ward off unwanted guests. It also displays a message on the infotainment screen to remind outsiders they’re being recorded. 

The system sends smartphone notifications as well. An app lets you view live feeds and speak through a vehicle’s exterior speaker. Or, you can view recorded footage once you return to your car. Additionally, Teslas let you shut off certain features and lock the trunk or glove box remotely, which limits access to them by, for example, valet personnel.

Why Upgrade a Service Fleet with Teslas

Upgrading an entire fleet may seem like a big investment, but these vehicles have 5-star NHTSA safety ratings in every category. The low risk of injury means our workers are always protected. Their day is also easier. Remote diagnostics and mobile service benefit drivers by saving them time and allowing them to focus on their job duties. 

Tesla accommodates all types of drivers. The company’s fleet and business program is designed to help turn your fleet all-electric and reduce your organization’s environmental impact. You can also take advantage of tax incentives to further reduce operational costs, on top of savings on gas and maintenance expenses.

However, Tesla doesn’t only benefit your bottom line. Driving one also benefits the community. With the low probability of accidents and injuries, using features such as Autopilot contributes to safer roads. Therefore, we’re helping keep people throughout San Jose and the Bay Area safe.

Here’s yet another perk. California permits Tesla owners to use HOV lanes without occupancy restrictions. This allows our sales and service teams to get to work sites more efficiently.

How Trio Plans to Introduce Its Tesla Fleet

Switching to an all-electric fleet of vehicles is a big undertaking. Since we want to ensure our customers see uninterrupted service, we’re slowly converting from our gas-powered vans to a full fleet of electric vehicles. Taking a phased approach allows us to ensure the process goes more smoothly and our fleet is 100% reliable when it’s complete. Therefore we can continue prioritizing our customers’ needs and the lasting performance of their AC, heating, and indoor air quality systems.

Trio: Where Sustainability Meets Service Excellence

Whether you need help with air conditioning or heating installation, repair, or maintenance, Trio has you covered. Our sustainability initiatives, including upgrading our gas-powered vans to all-electric Teslas, will allow even faster customer service response times. We can also continue to guarantee the highest quality work and provide the best products and brands on the market. 

A professionally trained team ensures your home is comfortable, safe, and energy efficient. Aside from AC and heating equipment, they install and service thermostats, insulate attics and crawlspaces, and provide duct cleaning and sealing. To learn more about these and our air scrubbers and whole-house purification systems, or request service, book an appointment online or call (415) 223-1647.

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